Welcome Back!

Dear NWHS community:

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I am honored to serve as the president of the Booster Club for another year.

You may be wondering: “What does the Booster Club do?” The Booster Club raises funds for and supports all school-sponsored extracurricular activities – academics, athletics, and the performing arts. These funds are disbursed to student organizations that have the opportunity to request funds three times per year. Some groups that received funds during the 2017-2018 academic year were the Badminton Club, Hats of Hope, Medicine without Borders, Muslim Student Association, Physics Club, the Media Center, and NWHS Athletics.

You may also be wondering: “How does the Booster Club raise funds?” We have four main fundraisers for the year: our Membership Drive, our Silent Auction (November 1, 2018), our Mulch Sale (April 6, 2019), and concession sales at the various athletic events throughout the year.

I hope you’re now wondering: “How can I get involved?” Glad you asked!

First, JOIN the Booster Club! Fill out our membership form and mail in a check, or you can join here!

Next, sign up to volunteer at an athletic event (or two . . . or more!) this year. You can sign up on the Booster Club website or email me (address below) if you’re interested in helping out.

Here are some other ways to get involved (and please check out the website for more details):

  • Sign up to receive Booster Club emails.
  • Join the Silent Auction procurement committee . . . or donate an item or two!
  • Attend the auction on November 1st!
  • Attend a Booster Club meeting.
  • Plan to be a volunteer driver for the Mulch Sale on April 6th . . . and to buy mulch, too!

We are looking forward to having you join us in supporting our students! Keep checking our website, www.nwhsboosters.org, for information on how to get involved, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any comments or questions throughout the year.

Best wishes –

Leslie Block

President, NWHS Booster Club

Twitter: @NWHSBoosters

Facebook: @NWHSboosters